For virtual lessons, the studio is your very own home!  For in-studio lessons, the studio is located in Valrico, FL.  Address and directions given upon request.



The tuition for piano lessons is $95.00 a month for weekly, half-hour, one-on-one piano lessons.  This is an annualized fee, which means you are paying for each year of piano lessons in monthly installments.  This includes the understanding that the number of lessons you have each month will vary depending on the calendar, holidays, etc.  I will teach every day except some national holidays, public school’s fall, winter and spring breaks and two weeks’ vacation. Some months you will have five lessons, sometimes four, three or two.  Throughout the year you will average four lessons per month. There are no contracts, students are free to stop lessons at any time. However if you choose to stop lessons, your spot will not be held.

Schedule & Availability

Current teaching hours are Monday-Friday, 2:00-8:00 pm ET, as well as some mornings open for adult students, virtual students in other time zones and children who are home-schooled.  Lessons begin at 30 minutes, with 45 minute and hour lessons scheduled by audition. Current availability varies, so if you’d like to know what’s available right now, send me a New Student Inquiry Form.


Make-Up Lessons

Make-up lessons are not guaranteed, but I do my best to give one make-up lesson per student, per month.  You schedule your own make-up lessons using my online Make-Up Lesson Scheduler.  



Piano recitals are held in late spring, and participation is highly recommended as a wonderful growth experience.  Performing is an integral part of learning to play the piano, and I encourage the students to perform anywhere and everywhere they can: at school, church, friends’ houses, for family, etc.  The spring recital is a great place to practice performance in a more formal setting, and each year brings new surprises! Virtual students can perform as well; we have the technology!


Rental Keyboard Service: Supplies Limited!

If you do not already have a piano or keyboard in your home, I am happy to offer a loaner-keyboard service for beginning students.  I understand that if your child has never had lessons or a piano before, you may feel some hesitancy about purchasing a large, expensive instrument or keyboard when you’re not sure if your child will indeed stick with the piano.  For this reason, I keep a number of beginner keyboards in my home, and I’m happy to loan one out to you for a few months while you see if it’s something he or she is going to enjoy. (The keyboards are beginner instruments, you would need to upgrade after about 6 months.)  

The fee for this is $10 per month, which is paid along with your tuition every month. I also take a $100 check security deposit from you for the keyboard. That check will be returned to you as long as you eventually return the keyboard to me.