What you’ll need for successful virtual lessons

  • A piano or keyboard.

  • A computer or tablet equipped with a video conferencing app like FaceTime, Skype or Google Hangouts.  Set up your device to the right or left of the keyboard, so that the view of the camera shows the keys and the student.

  • A strong internet connection.

The rest is just details, and I’d be happy to give you more information, just fill out a New Student Inquiry Form.

The Benefits

Whether you travel frequently, have a busy schedule or are just looking for the right teacher, virtual piano lessons are an ideal solution for modern students of all ages.  Taking piano lessons online affords the same one-on-one personalized experience of in-studio lessons, and so much more:

  • Save Time: With virtual lessons, you’ll save travel time, not to mention never forgetting your piano books again!  There is no time wasted warming up at the piano or unpacking and setting up sheet music. We are ready to go from the first few seconds of live video. Time is money, and you’re saving both.
  • Boost Attendance: In the past, travel plans, bad weather conditions, recovering from illness (parent or child,) or just running late would shorten your lesson or cause you to miss it altogether.  Now, even if you are out of town and don’t have access to a piano, you can still take your lesson. 
  • Technology Integration: There are hundreds of apps, programs and online resources that can supplement your lessons.  Immediate access to these resources allows us to make the most of what the modern learning space has to offer.
  • Builds Self-Sufficiency in Practice: Whether it’s writing in counting or highlighting a trouble spot; the student takes responsibility for his or her practice progress. By following Miss Amanda’s Practice Tips, you will learn to accomplish your goals efficiently. 
  • Lesson Playback: Streamline, strengthen and accelerate your progress immensely by watching your piano lessons. With your consent I will record and send you a video of your piano lesson, and the insight to be gained not only from being able to review your teacher’s instruction, but also to see yourself in action, is invaluable.  
  • Track Your Progress: Being able to look back on where you’ve been will encourage and motivate you, as well as help you pinpoint your weaknesses so that we may target and strengthen them.